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About Us

The Fresno Tavern has always been a staple of the Hi-Line due to it’s community minded atmosphere where people can gather and have a good time. The tavern has been around for a long time but it changed ownership in 2019 and has been flourishing ever since.

Kodi and Kyle Peterson become the new owners of the tavern in February 2019. They spent a tremendous amount of time and effort updating the tavern to bring it back to its former glory. All of that work paid off and the tavern is now a great spot for people from all over to gather and enjoy time together.

We have fun for everyone whether it is watching the big game, playing pool, music, or also make sure you ask us about our mechanical bull!


Karston Donoven

Hands down the best bar on the Hi-Line. Make sure you check it out!

Karen Kurtz

Very clean and updated. Service was good and very friendly atmosphere.

Marilee Senior

Wonderful meal! Friendly and polite people! We'll be going back for sure! Thanks guys

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